Classic Small cardigan
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Classic Small cardigan

A classic little cardigan in thin Merino wool that is perfect paired with skirts and over sleeveless dresses. The jacket has a snug fit over the shoulders and upper part. It is waisted, but has a looser fit around the stomach and waist. It is not intended that you wear something long-sleeved underneath this jacket. This is to keep the sleeves slim looking. Using a shirt or other long-sleeved sweaters underneath will therefore feel somewhat tight.
100% merino wool and 30 degrees wool machine.
The entire length of the garment from shoulder to hem is: 36/55 cm, 38/57 cm, 40/59 cm, 42/61 cm, 44/63 cm

Wash and care: Button the jacket all the way up, turn it inside out and put it in a delicates laundry bag before washing it at 30 degrees on the wool setting in the washing machine. Wool is easily reshaped in the wash and should therefore be stretched back into shape before you hang it to dry. Irregularities, curls and skeins are easily ironed out with a steam iron. Ironing wool is no problem and has to be done if you want the garment to restore it's initial shape after washing.