Classic C cardigan
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Classic C cardigan

A classic little jacket in thin Merino wool that is perfect for skirts and over sleeveless dresses. The jacket is sealed over the shoulders and upper part. It is wound, but sits more easily over the stomach and waist. It is not intended that you have something with sleeves underneath this jacket. This to keep the sleeves slim in the expression. Using a shirt or other long-sleeved sweater underneath will therefore feel somewhat tight.
100% merino wool and 30 degrees wool machine.
The full length of the jacket from the shoulder is: 36/53 cm, 38 /55 cm ,40/57 cm ,42/ 59 cm,44/61 cm
The merino wool come from an ecologically driven farm in South Africa and is guaranteed to be free from mulesing. The jacket should be ironed after washing for best results.