Musselin Day dress - Oliven
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Musselin Day dress - Oliven

Cute little schoolgirl-inspired dress with shirt collar and sleeves. The skirt is A-shaped and fits good in the waist as you customize your own waist with the straps stitched in the sides. A very nice dress for work for example. The material is soft and pliable since it contains a little elastane. It has a nice movement that makes the dress adorable and delicate.
67% viscose, 28% wool, 5% elastane, and 30 degrees wool machine.
The entire length of the skirt: 36/99 cm, 38 /100 cm ,40/102 cm ,42/ 104 cm,44/108 cm
The garment is not unaffected by water treatment, and you should expect to iron it to get it as good as new.
NB! The skirt shrinks about 2 cm in length in the wash.