Misty Tunic - Erosion
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Misty Tunic - Erosion

A stylish and elegant tunic in a light cotton quality. The sleeves are placed a bit in on the shoulders and have a small puff. The sleeve ends with a small ruched edge. These details soften an otherwise strict and straight shape. The tunic is thigh length, lined in the body and has pockets in the sides. The pattern is a manipulated close-up of one of the steel sculptures in Richard Serra's sculpture collection called "The Matter of Time", which is located in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Read more about this on our blog.
100% cotton and 40 degrees gentle wash.
The entire length of the garment from the shoulder to the middle front is: 36/100 cm, 38/102cm, 40/104 cm, 42/106 cm, 44/108 cm

Wash: Pull up the zipper and twist the skirt before washing it on 40 degrees dishwashing machine. The dress is ironed after washing for best results. If the garment pulls together in the wash, you can easily iron it out again. Even if you may not like it or have time for it in your everyday life, it's quite normal to iron a laundry after washing.