summer 2009

I did something special for this summer 2009 collection. Together with the graphic designers at Commando Group, I developed a print for my clothes. We wanted to make something typical Norwegian without using the normal clichés. The result was an illustration with some ready-made houses very common in the 70's placed on small islands with pine treas. (It's very typical for norwegians to want to keep to themselves, going on about their business without much interference from the outside either it's you closest neigbour og the rest of the world. Hence the title.) The use of colors in big splashes of watercolor symbolises the unpredictable weather we have to deal with all the time.

To underline the unpredictability of the weather, we made the repetition of the print so big every garment cut from the fabric was forced to be different. Every piece unique or all very wrong.

In the image photos, the photographer kept the unpretentious Norwegian mood by choosing a construction site as location. She has made the urban elegance and nonchalance indifferent to the surroundings. I especially like the picture where the model jumps (no. 2 from the left). The lines of the road gives so much energy to the jump. The model looks right into the camera, conscious and strong, at the same time the dress and her hair floats freely around her.
The look
The jump
Presenning og busk
The Scout
Presenning og busk
Two piece jacket
Construction chic
Summer jersey
The girl on the rocks
Last day
50`s dress i print
Two piece coat i print
Long summer dress in print
206 strap dress in print
201 slim sweater in print
209 T-neck top in print
200 slim tee in print
207 jersey skirt in print
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